University of St Andrews

Dr Sue Healy

Harold Mitchell Building
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9TH

I have several avenues of research currently underway all stemming from an interest in adaptation and cognition.  I investigate cognitive ablities in non-model organisms such as hummingbirds, zebra finches and bowerbirds and I am especially interested in 'animal cognition in the wild' and test cognitive abilities of animals (nearly always birds) in as natural conditions as possible. I currently have two major projects: 1) cognitive abilities of rufous hummingbirds (in collaboration with Andy Hurly, U. of Lethbridge, Canada) and 2) the cognitive basis of nest building in birds (in collaboration with Simone Meddle, U. of Edinburgh, UK).  I am also interested in explanations for variation in brain size (in collaboration with Candy Rowe, U. of Newcastle, UK).



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