Dr Sonja Heinrich

Senior Lecturer (education-focussed) & Director of Postgraduate Teaching

SOI 2.11
tel. 01334 462628
fax. 01334 463443

Departmental duties

Director of Postgraduate Teaching

Chair, Postgraduate Teaching Committee

Module organiser:

  • BL5210 - Principles of marine mammal biology
  • BL5104 - Conservation & management of marine mammals
  • BL5124 & BL4301  - Predator ecology in polar regions (Antarctic field trip)

Contributing to BL5310 (Marine Biodiversity & Ecosystem Function), BL5304 (Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems), BL4258 (Foraging in Marine Mammals)

St Andrews Teaching Excellence Award 2016

PhD student (graduated June 2015): Marina Costa (jointly with Prof Hammond), Project: Sympatric ecology of delphinids in the Egyptian Red Sea.


Research Interests:

Marine mammal ecology - distribution & habitat use, species interactions, conservation of vulnerable species, polar regions,


Research Project:

Chiloe Small Cetacean Project, southern Chile




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