Mr David Walker

EASTBIO DTP PhD Research Student


I graduated in 2008 with a honours degree in Zoology from the University of Dundee.  Up until the start of my PhD, I worked as a research technician in laboratories at the University of Dundee, ranging from cell signalling and immunology (Cantrell lab) to lung development (Land lab).  I graduated with a MSc by research during my time in the Land lab, where my project examined how the protein Sprouty2 regulates airway and vascular growth of the developing lung.

My PhD is looking at how stress impacts on cognitive aging throughout different stages of life, using Japanese quail as my model organism.  I am particularly interested in which molecular mechanisms and gene expression programs are implicated in the stress response and ageing process and I would like to further explore how these mechanisms impact on neuroendocrinology.

I hope to combine both my zoological and biochemical interests into an exciting project that has potential far-reaching implications and scope for collaboration with other research groups.  I believe that the University of St Andrews will provide an excellent stage for me to achieve this!  I hope to use my PhD to further my career in academia by becoming a lecturer and independent researcher.


Land, S. C., Scott, C. L. & Walker, D. (2014).  mTOR signalling, embryogenesis and the control of lung development. Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology, S1084-9521(14)00290-0.

Land, S. C., Walker, D. J., Du, Q. & Jovanovic, A. (2013).  Cardioprotective SUR2A promotes stem cell properties of cardiomyocytes. International Journal of Cardiology168(5): 5090-2.

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(source: symbiosis database)
Mr David Walker
Psychology, St Mary's College
University of St Andrews
South Street
St Andrews
KY16 9JP

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