Mr Miguel A. Delos Santos

Postgraduate student

tel. +6804882168

I am interested in developing sustainable aquaculture and fishery for the highly valued mud crab species, Scylla serrata (Forskall) in the Pacific region. My Ph.D. research is currently being conducted in Palau under the remote supervision of Dr. Mark James and Dr. Neil Hazon. The goals of my study are to improve some aspects in the seed production and to determine the benefits of using the molecular and/or genetic markers as tools in verifying the success of stock enhancement by releasing hatchery-produced mud crabs to the wild. Based on these goals, I will be investigating solutions to improve the survival rate and minimize cannibalism during the hatchery and nursery operations by means of nutritional, biological and environmental interventions. A controlled release of the genetically identifiable hatchery-produced mud crab progeny at different life stages will be conducted in an established mud crab fishery. The data that will be collected particularly based on mark and recapture of these crabs will determine the potential of using the genetic markers on the success of stock enhancement efforts in the mangrove estuary

(source: symbiosis database)
Mr Miguel A. Delos Santos
Scottish Oceans Institute
East Sands
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 8LB

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