Prof Richard Abbott

Emeritus Professor

Dyers Brae DB11
tel. 01334 463350
fax. 01334 463366

BSc Wales (Bangor), DPhil Oxford

Senior Editor:  Molecular Ecology
Subject Editor:  Plant Ecology & Diversity
Editorial Board: Journal of Systematics & Evolution

Research Interests

Plant Evolution with emphasis on population genetic structure, mating system evolution, phylogeography, speciation, molecular systematics, and the developmental genetics of flowers. I have a particular interest in the evolutionary consequences of hybridization.

Selected publications

Chen J-H, Huang Y, Brachi B, Yun Q-Z, Zhang W, Lu W, Li H-N, Li W-Q, Sun X-D, Wang G-Y, He J, Zhou Z, Chen K-Y, Ji Y-H, Shi M-M, Sun W-G, Yang Y-P, Zhang R-G, Abbott RJ, Sun H (2019) Genome-wide analysis of Cushion willow provides insights into alpine plant divergence in a biodiversity hotspot. Nature Communications 10: article 5230.

Brennan AC, Hiscock SJ, Abbott RJ (2019) Completing the hybridization triangle: the inheritance of genetic incompatibilities during homoploid hybrid speciation in ragworts (Senecio). AoB Plants 11: ply078

Ma T, Wang K, Hu Q, Xi Z, Wan D, Wang Q, Feng J, Jiang D, Ahani H, Abbott RJ, Lascoux M, Nevo E, Liu J (2018) Ancient polymorphisms and divergent hitchhiking contribute to genomic islands of divergence within a poplar species complex. PNAS 115: E236-E243.

Abbott RJ (2017) Plant speciation across environmental gradients and the occurrence and nature of hybrid zones. J. Syst. Evol.55: 238-258.

Abbott RJ, Barton NH, Good JM (2016) Genomics of hybridization and ite evolutionary consequences. Mol. Ecol. 25: 2325-2332.

Abbott RJ, Brennan AC (2014) Altitudinal gradients, plant hybrid zones and evolutionary novelty. Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. B 369: 20130346.

Abbott R, Albach D, Ansell S, Arntzen JW, Baird SJE, Bierne N, Boughman J, Brelsford A, Buerkle CA, Buggs R, Butlin RK, Diekmann U, Eroukhmanoff F, Grill, A, Helms Cahan S, Hermansen JS, Hewitt G, Hudson AG, Jiggins C, Jones J, Keller B, Maczewski T, Mallet J, Martinez-Rodriguez P, Most M, Mullen S, Nichols R, Nolte AW, Parisod C, Pfennig K, Rice AM, Ritchie MG, Seifert B, Smadja CM, Stelkens R, Szymura JM, Vainola R, Wolf JBW, Zinner D (2013) Hybridization and speciation. J. Evol. Biol. 26:229-246.

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Abbott RJ, Smith LC, Milne RI, Crawford RMM, Wolff K, Balfour J (2000) Molecular analysis of plant migration and evolution in the Arctic. Science 289:1343-1346.

(source: symbiosis database)