Miss Georgina Glaser

Postgraduate Student

Harold Mitchell PhD Office
tel. 01334 463500

My PhD is based on decision-making, for which I am using two different species to determine whether individuals change their decisions based on context (such as the quality of options available). The species I am using are the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis, which I study in the lab, and wild rufous hummingbirds (Selasphorus rufus) which I study in the Canadian Rockies with our collaborator Dr Andy Hurly (University of Lethbridge). I am jointly supervised by Dr Susan Healy and Dr David Shuker, and my research is funded by the BBSRC Eastbio Doctoral Training Partnership.


Healy lab website: http://cognitioninthewild.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk/people/

Shuker lab website: http://insects.st-andrews.ac.uk/

Miss Georgina Glaser
Harold Mitchell Building
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9TH

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