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[28-07-2008 to 29-08-2008]

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New infectious disease lab opens

A new state-of-the-art facility for investigating the cause of a range of infectious diseases has opened at the University of St Andrews.

The new labs, built at a cost of nearly £1M, will be used for fundamental research into both established and newly emerging viral and parasitic diseases such as influenza and sleeping sickness. In addition, a major injection of £1.25M just awarded from the Medical Research Council (MRC) will fund investigation into hantaviruses, a group of potentially deadly viruses passed onto humans by rodents.

The work of the lab will be directed by Professor of Virology at the University, Richard Elliott. He said, "The establishment of the containment labs at St Andrews signals the University's commitment to the study of virology, and these labs are not just a first for St Andrews, but a first for Fife."

see here for further details
contact: Prof Richard Elliott


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