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Optimising engineering expertise at the University of St Andrews: School invitation to a focus group

The University Strategy 2018-2023 makes a commitment to ‘recognise the significant expertise in engineering found across our Schools’ and, ‘provide focus and support for the development of a larger collaborative community of engineers working in a broad interdisciplinary context that concentrates on translation’.

Today, many Schools at St Andrews have clusters of engineering expertise which in other Universities would be supported within engineering departments. That we don’t have this in St Andrews means we risk missing opportunities to come together to do research, as well as teach, build impact and recognise success. 

To address this Professor Tom Brown, in-coming Vice-Principal for Research and Innovation, will host a focus group to examine and scope the role an ‘Institute’ at St Andrews can play in advancing engineering. A draft programme for the day is attached, and the meeting mixes opportunities to listen to presentations on areas of engineering research with participative sessions.

The aims and objectives of the day are to:

  • Map a picture of research related to engineering and engineering activities already on-going at St Andrews.
  • Understand emerging opportunities, and what expertise we need to engage.
  • Scope a shared vision of what an ‘Institute’ for engineering at St Andrews could look like.
  • Identify next steps and the support needed to take them.

Details are as follows:

Event: Optimising engineering expertise at the University of St Andrews
Date: Tues 27 Aug 2019
Time: 10:30 - 16:30
Location: Gateway, Meeting Rooms 3+4, North Haugh
Click here for the Programme

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Sign up: Colleagues should sign up for the focus group via this link: Engineering Focus Group

Professor Tom Brown
Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation) 

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Research-related deadlines

  1. Wellcome Trust Collaborative Awards: Tuesday 20 August 2019
  2. UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship Round 4: Expressions of Interest to DoR by Friday 23 August 2019
  3. ERC 2019 Advanced Grant call: Thursday 29 August 2019
  4. Catalytic Research Grants Scheme: Friday 30 August 2019
  5. Carnegie Trust Research Incentive Grants: Wednesday 11 September 2019
  6. BBSRC Transformative Research Technologies: Tuesday 17 September 2019
  7. MSCA Individual Fellowships: Wednesday 11 September 2019
  8. Global Challenges Research Fund Clusters: Tuesday 24 September 2019
  9. MSCA COFUND 2019: 26 September 2019
  10. Royal Society Scientific Meetings Proposals: Friday 27 September 2019
  11. Lister Institute Biomedical Research Prize: Friday 27 September 2019
  12. SULSA Conference: Disruptive Technologies inthe Life Sciences: 25-26 September 2019
  13. BBSRC Ecology and Evolution of infectious diseases, Travel grants: Monday 30 September 2019
  14. NERC Independent Research Fellowship: Tuesday 1 October 2019
  15. BBSRC New Investigator: Wednesday 2 October 2019
  16. Sir Henry Wellcome Post doc fellowships: Tuesday 8 October 2019
  17. RSE Sabbatical Research Grant: Monday 14 October 2019
  18. BBSRC Mid range equipment: Thursday 31 October 2019
  19. BiodivERsA 2019-2020 Joint Call: pre-proposal deadline 5 November 2019
  20. Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowships: Tuesday 12 Novovember 2019

We plan to run this 'deadline digest' reminder each week, so if you know of a research deadline that other staff also should be aware of, please send it to, along with an information link if one is relevant. Thank you!


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Digest of things you may want to remember

  1. Feedback to HoS for Director of CBD role: deadline Friday 16 August 2019
  2. People Strategy online survey: deadline Tuesday 20 August 2019
  3. Optimising Engineering Expertise Focus Group: Tuesday 27 August 2019
  4. RSVP to Margaret Wilson (mew) for the Professional Staff Away Day: deadline Saturday 31 August 2019
  5. Windows 7 support ending: Tuesday 14 January 2020

We plan to run this 'deadline digest' reminder each week, so if you know of a deadline that other staff also should be aware of, please send it to, along with an information link if one is relevant.


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Professional Support Staff Away Day, Friday 13 September 2019

From feedback from the recent staff away day, and conversations with your colleagues from our three Centres, I wish to hold an away day for all Professional Support Staff in the School of Biology.

Attending will excuse all staff from their responsibilities from 9.00 a.m.- 2.00 p.m. which will include a lunch on Friday, 13th September at Rufflets Hotel. It is very noticeable that as we are distributed in three physical locations many of us never get the chance to meet all together.

The idea of this half day is for you to all meet each other, learn about the regrading process, discuss your workloads, what each of you do, and generally for me to listen to issues that you wish to raise. 

Please inform Margaret (, by 31st August of your attendance (plus dietary requirements), please also let her know why you may not be able to come as well.

Frank Gunn-Moore, Head of School


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Events and opportunities

Events, training courses and a vacancy which may be of interest to you.

Camera trap training course run by The Mammal Society 

Camera trapping for mammals training course at RSPB Loch Leven reserve on 29th August - see attached flyer and check out the webpage.

Lunar Yellow Underwing survey events at Tentsmuir Forest with Butterfly Conservation

Tentsmuir is the only site in Scotland where the Lunar Yellow Underwing moth has been seen this century – and that was 12 years ago!  Butterfly Conservation Scotland are holding events on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th August to try to seek it out. No experience or previous knowledge necessary. Click here for the Poster, Information Sheet or visit the webpage for more information. 

Interested in finding out more about crowdfunding?

Our Crowdfund Scotland team are running a workshop on Wednesday the 28th of August in association with our partners at LEADER.

Places are limited so please book your spot early. Click here for more details.

Vacancy at Shetland Council

Now recruiting another (full time permanent) Natural Heritage Officer post

Are you an ambitious natural heritage professional looking for both a fresh career challenge, and a better quality of life?

Location: Lerwick
Contract: Permanent
Salary: £37,024.72 - £38,588.55 per year
For further details relating to this post, please contact:  Suzanne Shearer, Team Leader on 01595 745858 or email

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Funder visit advanced notice: US Army Basic and Applied Research

Representatives from the Basic and Applied Research Team with the US Army Development Command (CCDC) - Atlantic office in London will be visiting the University on Thursday 29th August 2019.  They are very keen to provide an overview of their programs, research interests and funding and collaboration opportunities; as well as meet with interested researchers and departments.

A draft agenda can be provided by Adam (afh21@) or Prabs (PKD@), which includes 15min time slots to present a brief overview of your school’s research activities.   

Please let Adam, Prabs or Ann McDonald ( know ASAP if you would like to participate so Adam can finalise the morning programme and make arrangements for catering.

The CCDC representatives are particularly interested in the following technical areas:

Energy and Power Technologies
Life Sciences
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Network Science
Environmental Sciences
Human Sciences
Lasers and Electro-Optics
Energetic Materials
Materials Sciences (structural, electronic, photonic)
Information Technology
Mechanical Sciences
Quantum Sciences
Synthetic Biology
Computing Science

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Articles for the newsletter

Got a news article you want to share?

Please send your items in good time and make saure you send them to the Bionews team at so they do not get missed.

Send us news articles, events, new appointments, publications, grant news, research news, or any other interesting work-related stories that you would like to appear in the school newsletter. 

Thank you





Current vacancies tagged for 'School of Biology' from the University Vacancies Feed are listed below:

Seminars and Events (22/08/19 to 22/09/19)

Evaluating autonomous underwater vehicles as platforms for animal population density estimation - Danielle Harris (CREEM)
Danielle Harris (CREEM) The Observatory: Seminar Room, 2:00 PM, 04 Sep 2019

Latent ID Acoustic Capture-Recapture - Paul Van Dam-Bates (University of St Andrews)
Paul Van Dam-Bates (University of St Andrews) The Observatory: Seminar Room, 2:00 PM, 10 Sep 2019
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