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Reminder for next week: UKRI Future Leadership Fellowship nominee seminar

31 May 2018, 11am, BMS lecture theatre

The School of Biology's nomination for the new UKRI Future Leadership Fellowship is Dr Juan Varela, University of Cambridge. He has also been short-listed for an ERC Starter Fellowship.

Therefore, all Biology academic and research staff are welcome to a seminar that Dr Juan Varela will give on Thursday 31st May at 11am in the BMS Lecture Theatre entitled “Studying the brain at the single-molecule level”. His work combines novel Physics and Chemistry to understanding the molecular mechanisms that occur in sleep, and in particular the recently identified and controversial glymphatic system of the brain.

His track record is exemplary, having worked at Bordeaux (Mare-Curie Fellowship) and Cambridge, and he has recently published a series of high impact publications, of which these are an example:

Varela J, Rodrigues M, De S, Flagemeier P, Dobson CM, Klenerman D, Lee SF. “Optical structural analysis of individual α-synuclein oligomers”. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 4886–4890 (2018)

Godin A*, Varela J*, Gao Z*, Danne N, Dupuis J, Lounis B, Groc L, Cognet L. “Single-nanotube tracking reveals the nanoscale organization of the extracellular space in the live brain”. Nature Nanotechnology, 12, 238–243 (2017)

Varela J, Dupuis J, Etchepare L, Espana A, Cognet L and Groc L. “Targeting neurotransmitter receptors with nanoparticles in vivo allows single molecule tracking in brain tissue”. Nature Communications, 7:10947 (2016)

Varela J*, Ferreira J*, Dupuis JP*, Durand P, Bouchet D, and Groc L. “Single nanoparticle tracking of NMDA receptors in cultured and intact brain tissue”. Neurophotonics, 3:41808 (2016)

Murphy-Royal C, Dupuis JP, Varela J*, Panatier A*, Pinson B, Baufreton J, Groc L, and Oliet SHR. “Surface diffusion of astrocytic glutamate transporters shapes synaptic transmission”. Nature Neuroscience, 18, 219–226 (2015)

Dupuis JP, Ladépêche L, Seth H, Bard L, Varela J, Mikasova L, Bouchet D, Rogemond V, Honnorat J, Hanse E, and Groc L. “Surface dynamics of GluN2B-NMDA receptors controls LTP of maturing glutamatergic synapses”. The EMBO Journal, 33(8), 842–61 (2014)


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Teaching office: Exams Key Dates

May Exam Diet

May exam diet dates are Saturday 12th May to Thursday 24th May. Confirmed exam timetable will be publish on week ending Friday,16th March.

Module Boards Dates for May Exam Diet are:-

Hons Module Board -- Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th June 2018
Pre-Hons Module Board – Wednesday 6th June 2018



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Seminars and Events (24/05/18 to 24/06/18)

Jarno Vanhatalo - University of Helsinki. Title tba
Jarno Vanhatalo (University of Helsinki) The Observatory: Seminar Room, 2:00 PM, 20 Jun 2018 edit
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