CoB Seminars


28th April 2021. Prof. Fernando Moreno-Herrero. Centro Nacional de Biotechnologia, CSIC, Spain. 13 pm. MS- Teams. Title to follow.

3rd February 2021. Digital Health Science Seminars. Speakers: Dr. Andrew Blaikie (School of Medicine), Dr. Marcel Schubert (School of Physics and Astronomy) and Dr. Caroline Murawski (School of Physics and Astronomy and School of Psychology and Neuroscience). 12-14 pm. MS- Teams

26th November 2020Prof. Jochen Guck. Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light. Erlangen. Feeling for cell function with light.

28th October 2020.  Dr Alice L. B. Pyne. University of Sheffield. Base-pair resolution analysis of the effect of supercoiling on DNA structure and flexibility.

1st July 2020. Dr Emma Verver LUMICKS. From single-molecules to cells.  LUMICKS


Additional seminars