The School of Biology is committed to supporting all staff and students and does not tolerate racism in any form. The Biology Anti-Racism Committee is a network of students and early career researchers within the School who organise educational and social activities designed to promote antiracism and an inclusive culture.  They work closely with BEDI and together we have undertaken several initiatives to address underrepresentation of minorities in academia.

Beacon Activities

Decolonising the curriculum

Global Challenges Programme Winners

School of Biology students Salma Ali and Radhe Kumar were the winners of the Global Challenges Program with their entry “A plan to nurture and maintain a thriving diverse and inclusive community in the University of St. Andrews”.  Their presentation can be viewed here.


Admissions: We are currently working on a series of actions designed to encourage more applications from students of colour.

Student BAME microgrant scheme: Launched in 2021, microgrants are available to support Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) undergraduate and postgraduate applicants seeking financial support for biological educational purposes.  Examples of suitable purposes include, but are not restricted to:

  • Study-related costs (textbooks, lab materials)
  • Travel to conferences or workshops
  • Travel costs for field trips and field-based research
  • Living costs during a summer research program

The scheme is open to any matriculated BAME student in the School of Biology. Applicants will be considered on a rolling basis, and interested students are advised to apply as early as possible. Applicants may apply to the scheme multiple times. For enquiries, please contact the BEDI committee at [email protected].


We refer staff to the beacon activities and decolonising the curriculum material above.